Yelp! Managing Your Yelp Listing

More and more, your prospective customers are influenced by online reviews as much as, or more than, your branding activities. Believe us. We have worked with businesses who were seriously hurting, plagued by one bad review. We don’t want other businesses hurting — we want to help them! We are here for you.

Yelp Reviews

One of the largest and most influential review sites online is If you have a local business and you are not intimately acquainted with Yelp, and with what reviewers are saying about your business, you are living dangerously in this online world.

Your Yelp Listing

As with many other listing and review sites online, you can and should claim your listing on Yelp. This is not difficult to do but it is worth doing. We will handle this for you as part of a package of social media management services.

Reputation Management

Contact us about our reputation management services. Whether it is Yelp or any other review site, there are things that can be done to encourage production of legitimate positive reviews.