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    Web & SEO

    You must have a website that tells your story, but that is just the beginning. Can your site be easily found by potential customers, and does it convert visitors to leads? Is the content fresh, secure, and backed up regularly?

Your Web Development and Internet Marketing Firm

You are a local business owner and you are overwhelmed. It isn’t your fault.

It’s not just websites anymore.

SEO and SERP’s, Adwords, PPC, Google Places, social media, Facebook and Fan Pages, Twitter and Tweets, LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare, reputation management, mobile optimized sites, check-ins, SMS marketing, online coupons and deals and surveys, QR codes…

If you’ve got all that covered, and you are looking forward to tackling whatever this new media world throws at us next, you probably don’t need us.

But for the rest of you…..help is right here!

We want to be your web and local search, social media, and mobile partner. In fact we want to take all of this off your plate, and just handle it for you.

We want to really understand the challenges your business faces, and implement solutions on your behalf…solutions that bring you more customers, that make your current customers happier….solutions that streamline your operations, solutions that save you money…solutions that utilize various technologies not just to create a flashier image, but to help you reach your business goals.

We want to “do” your online, mobile marketing, and social media for you…while you focus on your core business activities.