Help! My Emails Stopped Getting Delivered!

SendGrid is tightening up their spam prevention. You may need to verify your “From” email addresses, or (better yet) just verify your domain with SendGrid. SendGrid is a really popular email delivery service that’s used by lots of websites, WordPress included, to send transactional emails like contact form notifications. Recently, they’ve tightened up their security…

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Thanksgiving in Aberdeen and Southern Pines

great place to hike near Aberdeen

We had our seven children, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law, and four grandbabies all here with us (in Aberdeen) for the holiday. We were able to get out for several local hikes, including Southern Pines Reservoir Park and Weymouth Woods State Park. Also, we took the kids to a couple of local playgrounds–the one at…

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Mobile Optimized Websites

It’s not enough anymore to have a sharp website, showing off your business to desktop and laptop users in your target market. That’s not enough, because there are more users searching for your business on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices than on the full-sized screens at homes or offices. So here is a fantastically…

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Twitter for Business

Twitter Microblogging, that’s what they call it. Yeah, Twitter is a microblogging platform, but you knew that…┬áright? Step back and think for a moment — what if you had a way you could send messages to an extremely large number of your customers, almost instantly. Multiple messages a day that aren’t seen as annoying —…

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Aberdeen, New Home of BizProMedia

sign for Aberdeen NC historical district

My wife and I have moved our family and the web design and development business to Aberdeen, North Carolina. We are now living in the beautiful historic district of Aberdeen, and enjoying the opportunity to explore the Sandhills and beyond. If you have a business, school, or charity in the area, I would love to…

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Maximizing Your Facebook Presence

Facebook Logo

Every day, over 400 million users turn to Facebook for social interaction, entertainment, and connection with businesses and organizations that interest them. Facebook has over 800 million active users–real people who have logged in over the past 30 days. That’s a lot of traffic. And that is why some companies, even big ones, have started…

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