Websites, Traffic, Conversions, Oh My!

Your website is almost certainly the single most important online property you own.

Your clients and potential clients may give you a pass if you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing, and they may give you a pass if your YouTube channel and Twitter profile aren’t nicely customized, but they will most certainly not give you a pass if…

  • you don’t have a website
  • your site has broken links
  • your site is difficult to navigate
  • your site looks tacky
  • your site looks like it was built by the kid next door
  • your site looks like it was created three, five, eight years ago and then was abandoned

So, it starts with professional website development.

Next, you need traffic. Not just any traffic, but targeted traffic. Plan your site based on good keyword research, and optimize your pages for those keywords. (If you just heard a voice in your head say “yeah, meta tags”…you need SEO help, lol.)

Now, you have targeted traffic, and the next question is this: Does your website convert? It is not about branding as much as it is about converting visitors to leads. A visitor only becomes a lead if you have a strong call to action and the visitor calls you or gives you an email address or phone number, downloads a free report, whatever the case may be for your site.

Call me now to discuss calls to action – (910) 490-4009.

(That was a call to action, by the way.) : )

Seriously, call us to discuss your website needs. We can take care of this for you. You’ll have a website that improves your business, and a website that you can be proud of.