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We build websites that are responsive, search engine optimized, and effective.

Our hosting and maintenance service ensures that those sites remain fast, reliable, and secure.

And our AI Automation service can seamlessly integrate your website with other systems,
saving you valuable time each month and ensuring no leads or customer needs are overlooked.

Sleep well. We have you totally covered.

Hello, I’m Fritz Barnes. I’m your new web and digital marketing guy. : )

I have been working in various technology fields since the mid-1980’s, building websites since 1999, with years of coding experience.

I’m glad you are here. I can definitely help you.

Maybe your website is aging and ineffective, and you are tired of having that hanging over your head, and knowing that it is holding you back, not helping you meet your organizational objectives.

Or maybe you are happy with your site, but your customers tell you they can’t navigate it and read it on a mobile device.

Perhaps you were hacked, or you needed to restore from a backup and couldn’t, and you recognize that a truly managed hosting solution for your website makes a lot of sense.

Whatever the need is, if you know your website is ineffective or the people managing your site and your hosting are just not serving you well, we should talk.

Dan Aaron, of Home Energy Check, LLC, called me about building a new website.

After we launched Dan’s new website, here’s what Dan had to say:

Fritz did a remarkable job! He listened, made incredible recommendations and delivered a product that was beyond my expectations. Easy to contact and quick to respond, Fritz took something that was truly home made and turned it into a professional product that I can be proud of.

Dan Aaron Owner, Home Energy Check, LLC December 11, 2017

So, Call Me Now : )

Let’s talk about what you have, and what you need, and how we can get you there.

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Responsive Design

Half of your website visitors are using a mobile phone or tablet. Let that sink in.

If your website adapts itself dynamically to the size of the device it is being viewed on, we call that “responsive.”

If not, we call that “unusable.”

Not only that, but Google promotes sites that are mobile-friendly.

Fast Loading Time

People have very short attention spans online. If your website loads too slowly, many of your visitors will quickly give up and go to another site.

All the work and expense of drawing that set of eyeballs to your site is wasted. Poof. They’re gone.

Not only that, but Google knows all and sees all. If your site’s bounce rate is too high, Google will rank your site lower, because they see that their customers are not having a good experience with your site.

search engine optimization


Search engine optimization includes technical SEO and link building, but it is so much more than that.

And there are many ways that an uninformed party (including some so-called SEO experts) can do more harm than good.

Effective SEO requires a light touch to avoid being penalized by Google, but it also requires thoroughness and attention to detail.

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Questions? Ready to talk?

Call Me Now! There is no salesman here. Just me, and I am easy to talk to.

I Promise. : )

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Backups and Security

Trust me. There are hackers trying to take down your website.

website security - don't be hacked

It may be just for the sport of it, for them, or they may have other motives, but your site means serious business to you, so reliable uptime is critical.

Although no site is 100% secure, there are a number of steps we can take to protect your online assets. And, for our hosting clients, we always provide automated, off-site backups, so no matter what happens, we can quickly restore your site to its former glory. : )

Custom Plugin Development

As a former corporate I.T. guy, with a strong programming background, I have spent many months doing custom development.

But let’s talk about what you need. It is very possible that what you need is already available, perhaps free, or maybe with a price tag that would still be less than paying me to do completely custom development. 

I’m not here to just take your money. If I can guide you to an off-the-shelf solution that meets your needs, I am happy to do that.

Call now, and put BizProMedia to work for you!

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I would like to share with you the feedback I got from Erin Boggs-Thompson after we built a website for her new restaurant:

Working with Fritz Barnes is a dream.

He listens to exactly what you want and executes it perfectly.

He works quickly and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a website!!!

Erin Boggs-Thompson Owner, Family Greens restaurant in Durham, NC January 8, 2017