Website Design and Development

Why You Need a Website

A great website is your online “home,” the foundation of your online presence.

Social media are important and are a great way to promote your business, but your website is the authoritative, reliable, permanent repository of the most important information about your business.

Directory Sites Are Publishing Info About You

There are many other sites that attempt to grab data from all over the web, and they will create web pages for you.
Do a search for your company by name, and you will see them. Is the information on those sites accurate, and current?

Not likely.

And even if it is, do you really want your customers and prospects to rely on that information?

First Impressions Matter

When customers visit your store or office, they judge you by what they see.

And you know that, so you spend time and money making sure that your customer is suitably impressed by what they see.

The online world is no different.

What kind of impression does your online web presence create in the mind of your potential customers?

A few questions to ask yourself about your website:

  • Is it updated, and fully functional?
  • Does it communicate your branding, your personality, and your unique selling proposition?
  • Does it convey competence, confidence, and energy?

It is surprising how many businesses allow their online real estate to look like it was abandoned years ago. So often, that is the reality… the website was built three, six, ten years ago and has barely been updated since. And it looks it.

Please… call us, and let us upgrade your web presence, starting with your website.

You should be (and can be, and will be) as proud of your web presence as you are of your physical presence.

Call now, and put BizProMedia to work for you!

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Website Design Matters – Conversions!

It isn’t just about making a good impression.

It doesn’t help you if visitors to your site are merely impressed by the bling, not taking the action you want them to take.

Yes, take the action you want them to take. Your site is there for a purpose and that purpose is NOT primarily to impress anyone.

Nor is it to educate anyone, or to provide links to other useful sites.

What is the job of your website?

To get the prospect to take some action. To download a special report. To subscribe to your newsletter. To provide their email address in one way or another. Or, usually simplest and best of all, to pick up the phone and call you.

One thing is clear. If a visitor to your site is impressed, entertained, and educated, but does not become your customer, your website has failed.

Sorry if That Sounds Harsh…

Sorry to be harsh, but I’m pretty sure you see the logic here, and you agree.

So let’s review your site… your goals for your site… and let’s put that sucker to work bringing in customers, getting the phone to ring, pumping up your bottom line.

So, call me right now! I am waiting to hear from you.

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Let’s get started on this!

Web Development Matters…More Than Just a Pretty Face

There are a number of things “under the covers” of your website that matter.

A lot.

I am referring primarily to the things that impact your website’s ability to be found in the search engines.

Make sure that, whoever does your web design and development, they are knowledgeable about all of the things that matter for the success of your website…not just the pretty face.

Custom Web Development

Sometimes the off-the-shelf functionality provided by your website platform or theme does not completely address your data handling needs.

With decades of professional programming experience behind me, I can take care of your custom development needs.

I have developed a number of custom WordPress plugins, with functionality including:

  • Automated Google maps to show locations from a database
  • SMS integration, two-way conversations with users
  • custom help desk
  • automatic post generation
  • custom e-commerce “currency” for users to make purchases using points
  • extensive integration between WordPress and Poker Mavens play site software

Note: Unless otherwise negotiated, all custom code developed will be the property of BizProMedia, with single-site usage rights granted to the client.