Website Backup and Recovery

One thing that separates top-tier web development vendors from others is a commitment to backups and security. You don’t want to lose your site to a server crash, or a software upgrade that fails, or to a hacker who just wants another trophy to display.

image of laptop connected to "the cloud"
Safe, Secure, and Automated Backups of Your Website

Website Backups Must Be Reliable

You really do need to have automated, scheduled backups of your entire website. You need multiple iterations of it, and it must be stored somewhere besides on your web server.

If you don’t have that, you are vulnerable, and you are asking for trouble.

We have invested in tools that make the backup process automatic and nearly foolproof. If you aren’t completely comfortable that all of this is in place, consider giving us a call. We can handle this for you. And that’s one less thing for you, the business owner, to remember; one less thing to worry about.

Know How to Restore from Backups When Necessary

Not only do you need to have reliable and accessible backups, but you also need to have a reliable procedure in place for quickly restoring the site from the backup.