Google My Business

Google My Business listing, formerly known as Google Places, represent one of the easiest ways for local businesses to “get on the first page of Google.”

(The only easier way is with Adwords, Google’s PPC (pay per click) advertising option….)

Get Your Local Business on the First Page of Google

There are a few steps involved in claiming and optimizing a Google My Business listing. It is in some ways a tedious process, and there are a few subtleties that really do make a difference.

On top of that, this is an area that keeps changing.

We have the tools and the up-to-date expertise to get your business into that “seven pack” of local businesses in your industry.

We do the keyword research. We set up the accounts, we properly create and maintain the citations on other sites, we upload pictures (properly tagged with keywords,) we set up your YouTube videos and link them to your Places listing.

We do it all and we do it well.

Call us. And consider it done.

One less thing in this new Media world for you to worry about.