Mobile Marketing

Many of your customers would rather lose their wallets than lose their mobile phones.

We love our mobile devices, from smart phones to pads and tablets. We take them to work with us, we take them shopping with us, we take them to dinner, we take them to bed, and everywhere in between.

Have you ever tried email marketing? Fortunes have been made by generating email lists and marketing products and services to those lists. But now…do you know what the “open” rates are for email? You do know, because you know how much email you get and how much you ignore.

But text messages? Within three minutes, 97% are opened and read.

Suppose you run a restaurant and you have slow days on Tuesdays. Send a text to your customer base at 4:30 on a Tuesday afternoon advertising a free dessert, and bang….you’re filling tables.

And how about coupons? Make sure your prospective customers don’t leave your coupons at home when they leave the house. How? Don’t send expensive printed coupons by mail…send mobile coupons!

Smart marketers are reaching customers where they are…and your customers are scurrying through their days clutching their mobile phones.

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