Mobile Optimized Websites

It’s not enough anymore to have a sharp website, showing off your business to desktop and laptop users in your target market.

That’s not enough, because there are more users searching for your business on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices than on the full-sized screens at homes or offices.

So here is a fantastically important question for you:

What does your company website look like on a smartphone or tablet?

Don’t merely ask yourself if it is possible to read your site on those devices. (It probably is–unless you use flash, which won’t show up at all. Yikes!)

What you really must ask yourself is this: Is it easy to read your site on a smartphone? Is it a pleasant experience? Is your site super-easy to navigate on one of these devices? Can your website visitor easily find your phone number and call you? Can they find directions to your store?

Imagine your prospective customer out in their car, needing–right now–what you have to sell them. If they find you on Google and click through to your site, will they stay?

If your site is not specifically optimized for the device sizes your prospects are using, chances are they will click out of your site in about three seconds.

The state of digital marketing has evolved. A few years ago, we were setting up separate versions of websites which were specifically designed for smartphones, but we no longer do that. Instead, we build sites using responsive design tools. What that means is that our websites resize and reshape themselves to fit devices of any size. If your website is not responsive to fit all screen sizes beautifully, there is work to be done.

Don’t lose those customers to your competitor just because they have a website that is usable on mobile devices, and you don’t. We can set this up for you so you can focus on your business…and so your customers can find you and buy from you.

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