Twitter for Business


Microblogging, that’s what they call it. Yeah, Twitter is a microblogging platform, but you knew that… right?

Step back and think for a moment — what if you had a way you could send messages to an extremely large number of your customers, almost instantly. Multiple messages a day that aren’t seen as annoying — these messages are completely acceptable. Messages that not only go to a computer, but go to a large percentage of your customer’s mobile devices.  Any kind of messages… from something you found funny that could establish your company’s personality and corporate culture, to deals and promotions that would draw customers in on a slow day. What if you had a way to find someone in desperate need of your product? Someone who has been looking for you all along. What if you could find them, engage in conversation with them, and gain loyalty, knowing that you’ll be able to reach them on a daily basis, and all of this could happen in seconds.

Twitter is not merely a tool to post quotes, or update people on your life. If mastered and utilized correctly, it can do wonders for your business. We have the expertise and the know-how.

Twitter has grown to possess such a large reach. It’s the quickest, most direct way to engage with your customers on a daily, and even hourly basis.   Not only is it perfect for interacting with already existing customers — it’s the perfect way to target certain audiences and find customers that were meant to be from the start of the business. They’re out there, and we can get them for you.

So how do we use Twitter to reach the masses? What does Twitter do for our business? And how do we implement Twitter into our social media mix without driving ourselves bonkers?

  • We have mastered the tools to dominate the Twitter experience for your benefit
  • We engage with your customers on a daily basis — about products, about deals and promotions, about your business, building customer loyalty as well as branding and creating a positive identity for your company
  • We target certain audiences, and gain customers on a daily basis
  • We create a positive, exciting identity for your company that your customers can come to with any questions and concern

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