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Maximizing Your Facebook Presence

Facebook LogoEvery day, over 400 million users turn to Facebook for social interaction, entertainment, and connection with businesses and organizations that interest them. Facebook has over 800 million active users–real people who have logged in over the past 30 days.

That’s a lot of traffic.

And that is why some companies, even big ones, have started to promote their Facebook pages as aggressively as they promote their own websites.

So, how is YOUR company doing on Facebook?

  • do you have your own Page?
  • do you have a vanity URL?
  • are you making the one common mistake that could get your Page deleted?
  • are you using good branding?
  • giving your users a reason to click “Like?”
  • are you committing the cardinal sin of Page administration?
  • do you regularly interact with your customers on your Page?
  • using your Page to build your list?

For the most part, Facebook Pages (formerly called “fan pages”) are not rocket science. Which is good, because we aren’t rocket scientists. But there are some subtleties involved, and there are some ways to mess it up if you are too casual about it. We have years of social media experience and we can help improve your business by engaging with your customers and interacting with them.

Yes, Facebook is one more platform, one more of today’s marketing media, that really needs to be done right, and will reward you with a better public image (web presence) and more customers.

Let us build and manage your Facebook Page so you can focus on delivering your products and services to your customers. That is what you are good at, and that is where you make your money.

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