Two Ways to Lose Your Facebook Page Forever

Facebook is free, and it is very easy to create an account, put some content on a page, befriend a bunch of strangers (kidding–partly,) and wait for the influx of new business.

Truth is, there is a lot more to it than that. To create a page that really pulls, to maximize the opportunity for branding and goodwill, to capture leads, there are steps you must take.

But the worst way to miss an opportunity with Facebook is to spend time creating a following and then lose control of the page. Here are two very simple ways this can happen:

Use a personal Facebook page to represent a Business

We see this all the time. Personal pages where the first name is “Expert” and the last name is “Housepainter.”

This is a mistake for several reasons. First and most important is that this is a violation of Facebook terms of service. If your competitors complain, or even if they don’t, the Facebook gods could simply delete your page, along with your 643 friends and all the photos of beautifully painted houses that you have uploaded over the past three years.

Second, you are missing an opportunity. Facebook fan pages offer tools and facilities that personal pages don’t have, opportunities for branding, list building, etc.

Third, you are “mixing business with pleasure.” Do your business contacts really want to see your second cousin’t baby? And do they want to know that you are sick again, or hear about the date you had last weekend? Obviously, being able to target your messages to your audience is important. Sure, you want to be a “real person” to your business contacts, but there has to be a line somewhere. Having a business page separate from your personal page, in addition to the fact that Facebook requires it, is a good place to start.

Use Only One Administrator Id

The second way to lose your Facebook page is to have only a single user with administrator rights.

Most of the time it is fine to have just one admin id for your page. But what if the email address used to set up the page becomes inaccessible for some reason? Maybe an employee created the page and they leave the company. Maybe the email address provider goes out of business, or cancels your account for one reason or another.

It is a simple matter to establish multiple accounts with Admin rights, and this is definitely a precaution worth taking.

Want More from Your Facebook Page?

Give us a call. We would love to review your Online Presence with you, make some recommendations, and possibly partner with you to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities.

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