Text / SMS Marketing

We have mentioned it elsewhere on this site, and you know it to be true, because you see it all around you and you do it yourself.

Our Love-Affair With Our Mobile Phones

My daughter recently ran a marathon, and carried her phone with her for 26 miles, 385 yards.

We take them to work, to the ball game, to dinner, to bed, and even to the bathroom. Your prospective customers, as well as your current customers, are just as attached to their phones.

SMS Text Messages vs Email

The statistics on email marketing vs text message marketing are staggering. Many, many emails never get opened. But 97% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes of when they are sent.

Wow! Think of the power that could put in your hands, if you could have that kind of reach into your customers’ world.

And you can. We can show you ways to generate a list, and can set up campaigns to help you capitalize on that list. Call me at (910) 490-4009 and let’s talk about how this tool can bring you more customers, keep your appointment book filled, and improve your bottom line.

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