Google is trying to tell us something!

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Here is a pie chart provided by Google that shows the exact percentages for what searchers actually CLICK in a Google search. Basically, Google is telling us, “Here’s some proof that if I like you enough, I’ll bring you business.” As you can see, 42% of people click the first listing from search results! About 12% click the second listing, and it drops off pretty quickly after that. This is why SEO is so important. If you’re not the 1st or 2nd listing, 50% of searchers won’t even look at your website. In order for your website to convert, you need to DOMINATE Google!

So how do you make Google LOVE your website? We won’t bore you with SEO nerd talk (even though we could talk about it all day.) However, we will tell you that we happen to know some of Google’s favorite things are those scary words such as backlinks, keyword density, Adwords, social signals, etc.  If your business isn’t showing up early enough in search results, it simply means that your competitors are just doing a little bit of a better job kissing up to Google. If you want more business, time to start giving Big Bad Google what it wants with your website.

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