Intro to KML Files

A KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file is a XML based file format that displays geographic data. Originally named “Keyhole Earth Viewer,” Picture of planet Earth, Using KML Files for SEOKML files were first developed for use with Google Earth in 2004. Now used with Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Maps for Mobile, Flickr, and many other geospatial software, KML files display things such as images, 3D models, placemarks, polygons, textual descriptions using their case sensitive tag-based structure system.

KML files can be created in one of two ways:

  1. with the Google Earth user interface or
  2.  by using XML or simple text editor to input KML data from scratch.

If you’re interested in learning more about the technical aspects of KML files, check out Google’s KML tutorial.

You might be wondering: “What’s so important about these KML files and why should they matter to me?” KML files actually play a big role in SEO for your business’s website. Get this! In an interview with Carter Maslan, Google’s director of product management for Google Local, he said that having KML in a geositemap  that is authenticated with Google on your website will automatically lead to Google’s authentication of your KML file, working as a trusted source for your business locations.

As Maslan mentioned in the interview, Google suggests that you incorporate KML in a geositemap. By doing so, it is easier for Google to index your business listing and add it to the google maps search engine. For a quick and easy KML file, try this KML Generator!

Remember if you need help with this or any internet marketing or SEO task we are here to help!

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