Hackers do want to break your website. This may be counter-intuitive since you probably don’t have sensitive private data under the covers. But hackers don’t always care about that. Sometimes they are looking for ways to steal web traffic, and there are other motivations as well, but often they are just in it for the sport of it.

It Doesn’t Matter Why

But none of that matters if you get a call one day from a customer telling you your website “looks funny,” with a message “hacked by …”

How embarrassing.

And as if the embarrassment isn’t bad enough, think about the potential lost business.

We take all of that very seriously.

There are a number of things less sophisticated web designers sometimes do that make a website vulnerable. This starts with theĀ use of push-button software installs, but there is a lot more to it than that.

image of hacker's hand stealing a password from a computer
Don’t Make it Easy for Hackers

Consider hiring us to do a security audit of your site. It is important for you to know what your vulnerabilities are, and to get them addressed.