You are in business to make a profit.

To increase your profit, get more customers.

To get more customers, get more leads.

At a high level, there are two ways to get leads….generate them yourself, with your own marketing efforts, or buy them.

Generating your own leads is done with advertising, of course, including pay-per-click online ads. It is also done by attracting traffic to your website by implementing solid SEO practices.

Problems with Buying Leads

Now, buying leads is a tricky business.

Do you pay a premium to buy “exclusive” leads (but lead companies lie,) or settle for shared leads (“each lead is sent to only three businesses”….yeah, right)?

How fresh are those leads? When you contact those leads, are they expecting your call, or can you hear the head-scratching (or the anger) as they try to figure out how you got their name and number?

Our Custom Lead Program Solves All of Those Problems

We solve those problems by specifically marketing for leads for YOUR company. The prospect is almost pre-sold on working with you. The prospect knows who you are  and the prospect calls you! Or at the least, they are specifically expecting a call from you.

How many of those kind of leads could your business handle?

Contact me right now to discuss how to put this process to work in your business, saving you gobs of time and bringing you more paying customers.