The Internet: It’s Not Just Websites Anymore

Gone are the days that a business owner could slap together a “business brochure” website and say “ok, I’ve got that Internet thing done.”

Social Media Management

Your customers and your potential customers are looking for a lot more than that. They want interaction. They want a dialogue. Sounds a little cheesy but really, they want a relationship. They want to feel that they know you, they want to see your personality.

Your customers live and breathe Facebook. (Crazy world we live in, I know.) So you need a custom Facebook page that not only enhances your branding but gives customers a place to interact with you.

Your customers, increasingly, look for you on Twitter as well. (And Google is happy when your business is discussed in the twitterverse.)

Reputation Management

Customers also like to talk back online in the form of reviews. Sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon, as well as Google’s own review system, give customers a chance to express their opionions. Claiming pages, monitoring reviews, reputation management, it can be a lot to keep track of but it is increasingly critical to your company’s success.

Enter BizProMedia, of course, to handle all of this for you. Give us a call, let’s chat about these issues and how they are impacting your bottom line.