Sorry, I am no longer offering WordPress coaching, but please consider hiring me to take care of your WordPress website on your behalf.

If you want to save money by building your own website, but you are new to WordPress and find yourself struggling to do some things that you think should be easy…this may be a good solution for you.

We completely understand what it is like to need a website and just not be in a position to hire a professional to do the job for you. Perhaps you are starting a new business on a shoestring, or maybe you just need to create a personal blog or a non-profit website. For you, the determined but non-technical do-it-yourselfer, a platform like WordPress is perfect. But even WordPress can be challenging if you don’t really have time to roll up your sleeves and learn how all the pieces fit together.

To address the needs of busy budget-minded people who want to do it themselves but don’t really have time to learn it all, we are offering the following service.

Coaching You to WordPress Success

If you haven’t registered a domain name yet, we can advise you on what available names are good, and why. We can coach you through the registration process, including the setup of DNS. We can save you money by telling you what options you do not need to purchase from the domain name registrar.

We will set up your domain on our fast VPS.

We will install the latest version of WordPress, and our hand-picked selection of plugins that we use on all of our sites.

We will install any theme you like, either a theme you have purchased or a free theme from the WordPress theme repository.

We will manage site backups and security, and will explain to you exactly how it is all set up. These are critically important aspects of website development and management which many do-it-yourselfers miss.

We can help you set up your email addresses and configure your FTP program.

In addition to all of that, we will give you up to 90 minutes of coaching each month. We will be by your side, ready to answer questions and help you solve problems, as you design your site.

Here is what it takes to get started:

  • $189 for six months, then $34 a month
  • we will of course need you to leave our WP admin account intact
  • we would very much appreciate a few honest reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google+, as well as a testimonial we can display on our site

Remember, in addition to the hosting, ongoing management of backups and security, and version upgrades, this represents an hourly retainer, at a significant discount. You will always have someone to reach out to for help with your site, whether you are adding new functionality, or you accidentally deleted something important, or your site is generating an error and you need it fixed right away.

Let’s Get Started!

Call us right now, at (910) 490-4009. You can easily have a website, running on the powerful WordPress platform and designed by you, up and running in a week or less.

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